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S.Y.R. Forwarders LTD provides different types of low-risk and hazardous cargos transportation including standard and nonstandard containers (ventilated, open air platforms  e.t.c), 13.6m of tarpaulin and refrigerator semitrailers as well as truck trains from 107 up to 120m3 for export and import transportation of cargo in Great Britain, Mainland Europe countries, South-East Asia, America and CIS countries.


Our Services


Shipment by Sea

Sea transportation is the most simple and low cost transportation mode. Our company is able to supply optimal sea transportation schemes which include swift shipments to any port for transportation mode replacement. The sea lines agreements enable us to implement the sea container transportation by versatile prices focused not just on industry demand, but on client requirements as well.

Sea container transportation is implemented by sea or ocean lines. Line signifies the enterprise equipped with particular containerships terminal.







 Air shipment


S.Y.R. Forwarders Ltd provides top quality solutions to our clients with difficult transportation desires. Our operations agents are specialists in shipping all kinds of cargo across special environments worldwide including Transportation by Air. We understand the need for speed when a customer requests air shipment as their preferred mode of transport. We also understand that safety, reliability, flexibility and on time delivery are very important too.  Our flexible system enables us to offer both Import and Export Air Freight Shipping and Forwarding services, including scheduled, deferred, and full or part charter.





Road transportation

Road freight forwarding remains one of the most efficient solutions to transport your goods inside your own country or internationally to and from ports. The major world markets are all accessible via road, plus a fantastic road freight organization that will navigate these routes and deal with importers and exporters, customs, and each of the other elements of worldwide shipping will assure that your cargo get to where you need them affordably and with out harm.We broadly use solutions on the involved motor transport providers that complete our carriages as subcontractors.We've created a definitely complete range of solutions to rival any other road freight forwarding service.






Rail shipment

S.Y.R. Forwarders Ltd revolutionary forwarding business delivers the following complex program of services:

  • Rail shipment's expense estimation;

  • Rail shipment arrangement;

  • Transit railroad freight activities;

  • Customs clearance;

  • Centralized cost estimate for all operations;

  • Cargo insurance solutions; 

  • Cargo place tracking;

  • Consulting solutions provision;




Multimodal transportation

S.Y.R. Forwarders Ltd provides multimodal international transportation to a large number of ports in Europe (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburger, Felixstowe etc), Mediterranean ports (Mersin, Genoa, Naples, Barcelona etc) Baltic ports (Riga, Tallinn, Klaipeda) , Russian ports (Saint-Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Nahodka) Far East ports (Shanghai, Qingdao, Ningbo, Tianjin, Bussan, Inchon etc), USA (Charleston, New York, Houston etc). This is possible on account of our effective and long-term partner cooperation with a number of highly experienced transportation companies.



Container logistics

As a major provider of container logistics solutions around the globe, S.Y.R.Forwarders Ltd works closely with shipping lines, freight forwarders, retailers and suppliers. Due to our strategic approach as a global operator in Europe, CIS, Asia and North America, we have our own container logistics division. The aim of this division is to provide S.Y.R.Forwarders Ltd's   different branches with all the required services in accordance with our client requirements.







Freight forwarding

We have developed over time towards becoming a global player in Freight Forwarding. S.Y.R. Forwarders Ltd's name is synonymous with the provision of good quality, value for money International Freight Forwarding solutions. We as a global freight forwarder play an important part in solving the cost concern of transportation for our clients. Therefore the reliability, timing and price are the primary concern for S.Y.R. Forwarders Ltd's.