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Shipment by Sea


Sea transportation is the most simple and low cost transportation mode. Our company is able to supply optimal sea transportation schemes which include swift shipments to any port for transportation mode replacement. The sea lines agreements enable us to implement the sea container transportation by versatile prices focused not just on industry demand, but on client requirements as well. Resulting from dependable direct contacts with ship owner companies we're capable to supply the transportation by minimal tariffs. Our agent network delivers the clients with complete set of services in nations of dispatch. Our company implements the sea transportation of cargo.

 North America (USA and Canada), Europe, South-East Asia (India, Pakistan, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia e.t.c.) Australia, South America (Brazil, Argentina), South America (SAR) would be the primary cargo-generating regions for international sea transportation of dry cargo). It should be noted that Europe amongst the cargo-consuming area dispatches more than a quarter of world volume and in the similar time it attracts greater than a third on the world volume, as a consequence of this element the large international sea transportation shifting node is formed in Europe.

South-East Asia and North America take the certain aspect in the same line. Each and every area which includes the sufficient cargo-generating role attracts the huge volumes like Europe.


Sea transportation- transportation of passengers and cargo by ships.International sea transportation- this can be an element of multimodal transportation.

You will discover three modes of sea transportation as follows;

1. Sea container transportation- i.e. the cargo transportation in the container by sea. 
2. Ro-Ro sea transportation- transportation of self moving machines including -cars, tractors, combine e.t.c
3. Sea transportation of bulk-loaded cargo- transportation of bulk materials such as cement, fertilizer, coal e.t.c.

 Only a few quantity of important manufacturers are thinking about Ro-Ro and bulk sea transportation as their cargo turnover is counted with million tones or a huge number of vehicles.

By far the most required mode is sea transportation in containers. The sea container transportation is made use of if there is no overland communication between the nations: one example is; between USA and Russia or China and Russia. As the sea transportation could be the low cost mode, thus it truly is made use of for transportation expenditures lower. For instance: the cargo could be transported by truck from Spain to Uzbekistan, however the sea transportation might be significantly less. This mode of transportation could be employed for the providers with common cargo flow as the sea transportation will take the period 2 times longer aside from truck transportation.

 Sea container transportation is implemented by sea or ocean lines. Line signifies the enterprise equipped with particular containerships terminal.

DEEP SEA - transportation by ocean

Short SEA -sea transportation for short distances

As it was noted before the international sea transportation is often a part of multimodal transportation, i.e. the transportation of a single cargo by quite a few transportation modes. The sea transportation shall be called as sea transportation only in the event the transportation is supplied from port to port, for instance from Shanghai to St. Petersburg. In the event the cargo shall be transported by way of example to Moscow followed by the port of unloading in St. Petersburg, so the railway, or truck, but not sea transportation mode shall be utilized for overland transportation. Two transportation modes (sea and truck) shall be utilized for Shanghai-Moscow route accordingly and such sort of transportation is known as as multimodal transportation.

Our firm is able to supply you with various types of containers for sea transportation in accordance with form, physical properties and quantity of goods:

Normal 20’ and 40 ‘containers
20 and 40 High Cube and Pallet Wide
20’ and 40’ Open Best containers
20’ and 40’ Flat Rack containers
20’ and 40’ Reefer containers
45’ containers